About Studio KOBA

About Studio

Studio Koba is an indie game dev studio since 2016.

Studio Koba’s wishes are to create unique and bizarre experiences for the player. 


Team Member

Eduardo Fornieles – Founder of Studio Koba, game designer, story teller, level designer

Salvador Fornieles – Music comporser and FX creator

David Flores – Chief programer

Daniel Tomás  – Programer

Adrián Popof  – Programer

Juan Díez  – Animator

Chie Wakabayashi  – Communication



Currently developing “Narita Boy” – the retro-futuristic 2D pixel game.

Release: TBD 2021

PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox ONE, Steam (PC, Mac, Linux)

More info: naritaboy-game.com





 chie(at)studiokoba.com (日本語でのお問合せ)